from POBA’s About section:

"POBA is the first-ever “virtual cultural arts center” to celebrate the enduring and transformative power of creativity by featuring works of deceased 20th and 21st century artists that span the full gamut of artistic expression. POBA was founded to showcase, promote and preserve the creative work of artists who have died without recognition of the full measure of their talents or creative legacies. POBA’s mission is simple: POBA aims to keep their creative works alive, and through them to inspire, provoke, intrigue, entertain, and enliven us. POBA is Where The Arts Live!

POBA offers a secure digital storage and creative center for the artwork of its members, and it provides an affordable, open space for preserving, displaying, re-combining and enjoying the artistic legacies that POBA artists have left to us."

via: Hyperallergic