gqom / igqomu

“from youtube description:
“they call it indishi,igqomu,inumber,isjokojoko, this was made out of boredom”

"…Gqom comes out of Durban. It started out being called Broken Beat and in a way was a reaction to SA house, stripping away everything until it was just a beat. Gqom is not 4 on the 4. The kick is broken and syncopated, any musical content is distilled down, usually to one note and any vocals are reduced down to shouts, yelps and exclamations. It’s repetitive, hypnotic, dark, tribal music

It’s made by kids, most of them unknown – I could do entire sets with tunes that have a phone number or BBM pin as the song name and artist! Most of the tracks are low-bitrate mp3s that are overly compressed and slightly distorted at times, but all of this adds to the charm. In a way it’s comparable to UK Grime where kids have got their hands on computers, cracked versions of Fruity Loops and Reason and gone to work."

Read full article & listen to mix: A Guide to Gqom by Jumping Back Slash


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