Endless Run Game Film Dream Adaptation (FAO @film4)

endless run1

Hey film4,

As promised I’ve woken up early (despite it being my day off) to flesh out some more details for my commission-application-blog-post to fund my Endless Run film.

In case you’re not familiar with the Endless Run concept, think a game adaptation of the Indiana jones boulder scene

As the name suggests these games have no save points and more often than not some sort of mysterious deadly object or monster pursuing the player, and just as often merely the edge of the screen catching up with the player proves fatal. (Quite apt for our caffeinated anxiety world, huh?)

What I’m proposing is a film adaptation of this, based on a dream I had about a man leading an elephant, quite slowly and calmly along a floating endless run game track made of liquid fire, the landscape around them is mostly a void set in a misty social media blue with the occasional barely legible piece of text floating quite rapidly off-screen in translucent pink bubble writing. The camera should start in the pursuit position (as in the Rail Rush video above) and then free-roaming around and beneath the track as well as in front of the ‘player’ character.

liquid fire



I think you’ll appreciate the importance of commissioning straight from dreams, especially considering the remarkable coincidence with its similarity to Straight Story.



By the way I’ve been researching the price for an elephant, it seems my initial estimate of £5 million may have been a bit steep, I’ve found a ‘Traditional Asian Wedding’ hire company in the UK who will do it for a lot cheaper, and I reckon about 8 king size green flat sheets from Primark should be enough to serve as a greenscreen. The elephant will be the only non-CGI element of the film, all other elements, including the ‘man’ / ‘player’ character will all be CGI (I think it will juxtapose quite well – so excited!)



Speaking of which… closer to the time of release, when the interns are writing the press release, could you get them to throw in some ‘critiques of social media / mobile phone usage /post-internet aesthetics’, /FOMO’ yaddayadda, it’s all the rage, just look at M&S’s latest Christmas campaign TV spot:

and you can even slip in ‘an allusion to Gus van Sant’s Elephant’, I don’t mind.

Let’s get this boulder rolling! badoomtish

PS I need an advance to buy a Mac Book Pro.


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