Accelerationism in se1


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2 thoughts on “Accelerationism in se1”

  1. Reminds me of the Metropolitan Indians ironic creativity. Who wants to revive their politics? I wouldn’t mind, if I could move. An example:

    “In the large open area of the campus where he was to speak, Lama found another platform rigged up, with a dummy of himself on it (complete with his famous pipe). There was a big red cut-out of a valentine’s heart, with a slogan punning his name – “Nessuno L’ama” (Lama nobody… or nobody loves him). Around this platform there was a band of Metropolitan Indians. As Lama started to speak they began chanting: “Sacrifices, sacrifices, we want sacrifices!”… “We demand to work harder and earn less!” (Lotringer, Marazzi, (eds) 1980 p.101)

    not to forget that they got in on auto-reduction and proletarian shopping. steal shit and ask for more work. hardworking britain. hardworking families. hardworking hookers. the pay ethic of the empty side of love. i’m too serious for this shit. /seriousman

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