Script to make your computer read productivity-boosting subliminal messages

by reddit user steelypip:

"Not many people know that modern versions of Windows comes with text-to-speech built in. I have written a short python script that uses TTS to randomly read subliminal messages every so often. You will need Python with the Win32 extensions installed – you can download them as a single installation from activestate.

Here is the Windows script. Cut and paste it to a file with a .py extension then you can run in by double-clicking on the file. Feel free to play around with the parameters and change the messages to whatever you find useful. I leave it running in the background with music playing just loud enough to obscure the speech. Or you can increase the volume so that the speech is audible, and change the messages to remind you to stay focused on your current task. Have fun with it.

import win32com.client from time import sleep import random # min and max time between messages, in seconds min_time = 60 max_time = 5 * 60 # volume and speech rate of the voice volume = 50 rate = -2 messages = [
"I am totally focused on what I need to do",
"I am in a state of deep, deep concentration",
"I  do what I need to do quickly and efficently",
"I am full of energy and enthusiasm for what I need to do",
"I am creative and productive",
"My mind is limitless",
"I make fast, confident and correct decisions",
] speak = win32com.client.Dispatch('Sapi.SpVoice') speak.Voice = speak.GetVoices().Item(0) speak.Rate = rate speak.Volume = volume say = speak.Speak while True: sleep(random.randint(min_time, max_time)) msg = random.choice(messages) # print msg say(msg) 

Mac users can do something similar – I don’t have a Mac, but found instructions for using TTS from OSX python here – implementing the script is left as an exercise for the reader."

Link: reddit: productivity post


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