Sacrificial Totem – an antidote to hope


excerpt from Julian Cope’s article on Hurqalya (2004)HeadHeritage:

“Place this disc upon thy stereo system and watch the so-called real world first recede then evaporate in mere moments, as the undead Ancients of the Underworld re-awaken then emerge triumphant to restore their bizarre death dance to our landscapes. For Sacrificial Totem’s cataclysmic raging across our speaker systems are enormous weather-sized sonic tempests that exhibit more life force than even the most ardent proto-metal or No Wave freerock, and their calamitous sound is a key to clearing away all the slack, all the kack and all the psychic plaque that the extraneous and unnecessary moves of the Modern world build up around our senses, divorcing us from the sheer ecstasy of the exterior by numbing us up with sweet sticky melodies and rhymes of unrealistic hope…”


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