Dan Hancox kicks dirt at Adam Curtis

“…Curtis is only able to get away with this shit because his fanboys fancy themselves way too clever to read things on their surface; they have to be part of the exclusive in-group that always gets the deeper meaning, and Curtis flatters them and leads them on.

… (Curtis) is fascinated by the intellectuals, and thoroughly bored by the masses. Ordinary people are without agency or distinction – in fact, they’re just not there at all, except in the occasional mass crowd scene: storming the gates, or praying, or performing in a North Korean arirang, like the drones they are.

…Adam Curtis rose to fame by documenting small cliques of ideologues – most notably the American neoconservatives and Islamists featured in The Power of Nightmares – who sought to impose their all-encompassing doctrines onto a chaotic world. People who sought to simplify world events into one single narrative, and do so to their own benefit. Sound like anyone else you know?”

full article: OpenDemocracy
via: @hautepop


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One thought on “Dan Hancox kicks dirt at Adam Curtis”

  1. Dan Hancox is a wanker… He attempts to dismiss Curtis’s claims about the complexities of modern life by asking “what’s complicated about ISIS?” Wtf!!! What is not complicated about ISIS? What a dildo… I’d ban him from any of my stunning resorts… I hope he gets an infestation of bed bugs… Wanker!!!

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