industrialized lattes

" "..the latte, while it may be attached on a certain level to too much upper-class food knowledge and pretension, it really is no longer an upper-class drink.”…The latte, (Kyla Wazana Tompkins) argued, “is a high-calorie food that’s being pushed in an industrialized way largely to working-class people.” And, she added, “it’s important to think about the explosion of all of these industrialized lattes, all these frozen lattes, all the Frappuccinos, as links to a larger problem of creating cheap, high-calorie, low-nutrition food for working-class people.”

…The latte may also stand for a particular attitude toward work and pleasure. Ms. Tompkins noted that “coffee is very much associated with heightened productivity,” an association it had in the 18th and 19th centuries as well: “Coffee has always been tied, as a stimulant, to the Protestant work ethic.”.."

Full article: nytimes


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One thought on “industrialized lattes”

  1. Costa coffee is owned by Whitbread the brewery… I saw a trio of working class men in a Costa coffee bar ordering ’rounds’ of lattes, one after another as they sat outside passing comments on expensive cars and women they deemed sexually attractive…

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