Heaven’s Gate & Nike Decade

from ebay (h/t io9)

from SneakerTube:
I mean, these were folks who were coerced to give up their jobs, homes, possessions and money to Marshall Applewhite. And, I think what Applewhite did, in the days or weeks leading up the mass suicide, was he probably had someone visit a Nike outlet, and purchase the Nike Decade sneakers for him and the rest of the folks that were going to “make that trip” on the spaceship that was supposedly following the Hale-Bopp Comet.

For years, on a number of message boards such as NikeTalk, ISS and others, folks posted pictures of the bodies wearing the the black and white sneakers. I’ve even had conversation where someone brought up Heaven’s Gate to me because they know I “like” sneakers, and they were surprised to find out that I knew what sneakers the dead folks were wearing (It’s called OSD for a reason)!

So, on the 15th Anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate cult making that “peaceful journey” on the spaceship, we send prayers and positive vibes to their families! The memories live on, nonetheless.

And, for the record, they wore Nike Decade sneakers!"


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