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Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.

You don’t need to fight to use Rumblr. With Rumblr Explore, anyone can browse and attend fights close by that other Rumblr users have arranged – all for free

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Girl Possessed After Using Ouija Board App


"Shocking footage has emerged of a young girl ‘possessed by the devil’ after playing with a Ouija board mobile phone app.

The 18-year-old, identified as Patricia Quispe, is seen convulsing as paramedics try to restrain her.

In a deep rasping voice she screams "666" followed by "let me go, let me go".

According to witnesses, the young woman from Lima, Peru, had been playing with her friends on a mobile phone version of the board game that evokes the spirits."

‘Needed: 1 x Amazing Night Receptionist’ (accidental found poem)

via Gumtree

You’re up late. We get it. Naturally all that peace and quiet allows you to be a productivity maven and your Early Receptionist’s favourite colleague in just about forever.

You are a part time bartender, a full time policeman and our future night receptionist, especially if you:
Can count. Backwards. In your head. While checking people in. And humming
Couldn’t leave a store cupboard without turning the light off
Live, sleep, breathe hotels
Never give up
Can hear a fire door opening from 85ft away
Prefer a keyboard to a mouse
Are OCD friendly
Work it like you own it
Get a little too excited by filing
Understand that everything is nothing if the guest experience isn’t 100% perfect
Run up the stairs. And down. And up again.
Wear amazing socks
Don’t leave until the job is finished

Finished ticking our boxes? Good. Now, solve our riddles and send a CV.
– Why nights and not days?
– Tell us what makes for the perfect check in.
– And what makes you just the right person to be our next Night Receptionist?

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The miserable poetry of Agario (erotic fanfiction)

Shat out. Perhaps you’re An Unnamed Cell, perhaps you’ve named yourself 🎃🙈☭✂💀☁ or some such derivative. A small dot with a gloopy outline vibrating in small waves. Mindlessly zigzagging consuming smaller asymmetrically-edged game generated NPC dots or ‘mass’. Fast and vulnerable, growing painfully slowly, often chased by larger players, chases mostly abandoned , sometimes not, killed and regenerated multiple times, chased again. Always chased or about to be chased. Small enough to hide behind viruses. Still consuming game generated dots, slower now, big enough to split your mass, and assimilate smaller players. Splitting makes you a vulnerable and tempting kill for others to split into and assimilate. Floating, vulnerable, hungry looking for a mess of game generated mass to harvest, to increase your mass and reassimilate your split self, resqueezing into one. More splitting, now more calculated, riskier, smaller players dart around you bravely in their knowingly untempting state, or panicked darting, hiding in viruses, viruses are now lethal to you, make you burst into multiple dots of mass, all with your name. Floating not so fun now, a brightly coloured mass fills part of your screen, bright green, or blue, or red, or yellow, the face of Putin, Boris Johnson, Barack Obama, Doge, the state of Indiana, Doge, a Pentagram handdrawn, 4chan, 8 chan, an 8 ball, Facebook, Earth, the Moon, Sanik, Pikachu. Engorged with kills and cartoon dread. You move in the opposite direction, you may be assimilated, regenerate, your death may be pure accident, a larger player splitting unknowingly or indifferently headed in your direction, their hunger to increase mass or a panicked chase assimilating your mass. Tangents of hunger, survival, panic, or a combination, crisscrossing. You are fat and slow. You’ve zoomed out on the map to accommodate, surrounded by names. Satanist, Need A Bro?, cheezyman, I WILL EAT YOU, {PRO} team, FEED ME, I will feed U, [ƵŦ] trezan, 〖ƝƁƘ〗ARIEL, [NBK] Prolvl55, Fat Ba$tard, twitch, AgarHero, poland, MagmaYT, PressW, cia, IRS, trollface, POLICE, David Cameron. Splitting and reassimilating being the most efficient accumulation of mass. Having a Bro a cannibalistic ally, being the most efficient, sharing mass, consuming, splitting, feeding. Feeding is a less efficient distribution of mass, teamed cannibalism of splitting the most efficient, one player martyring on a virus and reconsumed by another, a too and fro of exploding, martyring, regurgitation. You might not have a Bro or you might have a spontaneous and temporary alliance, which ends for no reason as you float along an invisible chaotic web bored, panicked and indifferent tangents. Even bigger now, fat with death, painfully slow, avoiding viruses, vulnerable to someone shooting a virus at you. Chases are slower, forced to splIt between viruses, squeezed into corners, your mass slowly overlapped by the quivering outline of another player feeding on you until there is nothing left of you but a respawning screen. Or you find yourself on the leaderboard, at the top of the leaderboard, a big, stupid mass, with a big stupid name wondering what you are doing with your life, eyes floating to the other open tabs, to unfinished job application forms, timed out online banking paying a bill, your email spam folder, Facebook, some articles you will never half scan. Distracted you burst on a virus, exploded, your big stupid name now dozens of smaller stupid names, consumed by brightly coloured masses feeding on your mistake. You respawn. now available on mobile. Get it NOW for FREE!