‘Needed: 1 x Amazing Night Receptionist’ (accidental found poem)

via Gumtree

You’re up late. We get it. Naturally all that peace and quiet allows you to be a productivity maven and your Early Receptionist’s favourite colleague in just about forever.

You are a part time bartender, a full time policeman and our future night receptionist, especially if you:
Can count. Backwards. In your head. While checking people in. And humming
Couldn’t leave a store cupboard without turning the light off
Live, sleep, breathe hotels
Never give up
Can hear a fire door opening from 85ft away
Prefer a keyboard to a mouse
Are OCD friendly
Work it like you own it
Get a little too excited by filing
Understand that everything is nothing if the guest experience isn’t 100% perfect
Run up the stairs. And down. And up again.
Wear amazing socks
Don’t leave until the job is finished

Finished ticking our boxes? Good. Now, solve our riddles and send a CV.
– Why nights and not days?
– Tell us what makes for the perfect check in.
– And what makes you just the right person to be our next Night Receptionist?

Ad ID: 1134591157


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