Teleport Spam

tv tropes:

"…"Does he have ATD, Attention Teleportation Disorder?"The Nostalgia Critic‘s review of Ganon from the Zelda TV show.

A character with the power of teleportation milks it for all it’s worth, and, in a fight, uses their power to constantly disappear and appear at will, hitting, running, and flanking without any effort at all and barely any threat of counterattack. Usually, a character like this is defeated in one of three ways. Disable their teleportation ability, trick them into trapping themselves, or give them a well-placed Offhand Backhand just as they come out of their teleport. A common tactic of video game bosses, and can also be done by fighters with Flash Step. Very likely to cause a Snap to the Side. Inertia Is a Cruel Mistress could put a stop to it. Sometimes only antagonists can do this, largely because of Villain Teleportation. If made possible by Faster-Than-Light Travel and performed only once or twice, it is a Hyperspeed Ambush. If a character teleports over and over, not to fight someone but to travel long distances, they’re probably a Multistage Teleport. "