‘stop telepathy’ videos of YouTube

YouTube user Daniela Andronescu has uploaded almost 100 abstract strobing videos with footwork-ish soundtracks called ‘stop telepathy’ only providing video descriptions of ‘Dispozitive active de protectie atacuri energetice pe www.policam.ro‘ which googletranslates as ‘Active protection devices on energy attacks’.

The link is to a website selling devices to protect you from ‘electromagnetic radiation’.

the full blurb translated from the website is:

From here you can buy electronic devices that protects against electromagnetic radiation
These devices protect you from electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, televisions, computers, monitors, microwaves, antennas on buildings and poles, high voltage installations.
It will protect you or house or your garden depending on how the device is programmed.
Fixed appliances protects remote (distance may be greater depending on the complexity of the apparatus).

The units are set free to protect you.
Advanced technology and complex protects even the telepathic attacks or magic. On site http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telepatie shown that telepathy exists and its waves have a frequency of 10 hz frequency that can be interfered by the device.
Thus there will be no telepathic attacks. N. Wiener, known cyberneticist American origin, said the material support of telepathy is to actually waves with a frequency of 10 Hz, ie; the corresponding alpha rhythm and that they have been operating in maximum relaxation. It will protect you from another device that is likely to attack. In page test procedures is an image that creates hypnosis. Hypnosis is not good! There are images that create a good mood! Click on images will help you to be refreshed and acquired full control of your life!

I must admit it’s a pretty beutiful device, might need to flog one to an art gallery


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