“SurveillanceSaver is a screensaver for OS X and Windows that shows live images of over 400 network surveillance cameras worldwide. A haunting live soap opera.”

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Greyest Porn v.1.0.6

[AVN Awards 2014]
“….And the category you’ve all been waiting for… ‘Greyest Porn Production of the Year’….
[dramatic pause]
[crowd noise a mixture of whoops and tense anticipation]

…goes to ‘Sasha Grey sips Earl Grey in a Car Park’ a Porn Negative Space production”

[wake up in Grey Coats hospital with bergamot poisoning]
[wake up a second time for the sake of dream-within-a-dream convention]

[Pause… move on]

On awakening of a Sunday please watch the following Grey Porn video featuring a “fuck machine” arrogantly shimmering in metallic greyscale along with a more modest call centre cubicle grey panelling… and unfeaturing Sasha Grey.

The audio is a text-to-speech version of the Care & Usage Guide for Fleshlight as found on their website.

Original audio of the “fuck machine’s” interrogation of Sasha Grey removed, for despite all its probing, [badoom tish] Sasha seemed solely to respond with either affirmation or expletive.

[badoom tish]

[forgive me]

Default Profile Picture for 28th Januray 2010: Brand Republic

Red jumper, collars out, peach-coloured face.

Emerging from a puddle of grey.

This default is often confused for little red riding hood by Brand Republic browsers too busy to read the webpage head-on, choosing instead to view the site through the peripheries of their vision. This default has opinions on brand news and is not afraid to step into the torrent of marketing bombardment – artistically represented by the grey streaks. Bonus points for use of grey. Minus points for use of red.

Deteriorated Porn & Grey HTML Colour Code

Following from “The Making of… Porn Negative Space w/ Brandi Belle” I have decided to share some video evidence of incompetence. Dressed up in the stiff and uncomfortable Sunday best of such a grand title “Deteriorated Porn”.

The HTML Colour Code for 27th January 2010 is #625D5D which I’m sure you are aware is Grey 43. “#625D5D” is to be dropped into ever day conversation, with greater frequency than is usual.
Grey 43

The Making of…. Porn Negative Space w/ Brandi Belle

Not entirely certain if I will finish or “make” the intended Porn Negative Space of this “making of…”

I may have perhaps lost interest in the task and it probably works well enough as an unhelpful glimpse at the editing preview screen of a cropped Brandi Belle clip. A disinterested fiddle with the timeline cursor seems to work well with Brandi Belle, a porn star whose performance seems to be that of brattish indifference, a version of the familiar porn role of girl-next-door with stage directions to play the part almost inhuman, emotionless, sleep walking into gag positions. [bored] [dead] [mechanical]

I can’t help but think the Brandi Belle act would work better if it didn’t dip into the pleased-looking smirks and the implications [or this could just be my own interpretations] of some sort of win for a female porn star, in this respect I am uncertain as to how much it is self-aware and even playful. It may be more likely that it is just a porn product, operating as such catering to whichever tendrils grow strongest out of the paypal box. Perhaps there is no market for porn with actors acting [if need be] indifference, perhaps that market is catered for with the looks bordering on unwillingness in certain porn clips where the woman is presented as doing it [solely] for the money, financially desperate… and often deliberately ambiguous as to the veracity of the scenario and desire of the woman filmed – a blurred scene open to interpretation to whichever lens of desire/fantasy/fetish the viewer happens to be holding. Perhaps there is no market for indifferent porn in which all participants are indifferent.

I have perhaps-ed too much there.

And I am annoying enough to be amused by a “making of…” without the finished product.

[Said in “because, because, because” Wizard of Oz sing-song voice] Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… Perhaps it’s the wonderful [pause] things [pause] it [pause] doesn’t.