“I wanted to make tracks that I really didn’t have to think too much about when making them. To let the machines do the work.”

(Bok Bok)
“We are releasing the Club Constructions manifesto to the public in a call to arms for new producers. James (L-Vis 1990) came up with a series based around a set of criteria – the first email was titled “Club Constructions Manifesto Lol”. It’s funny to think now… we’ve never wanted to take that too seriously, and I’m the first to say that all the rules have been broken at some point. We actually encourage that.

There’s a website with all the information and an upload page, so producers can upload their tracks for us. We will check them out and, where we see fit, give feedback.

Club Constructions Community is not a competition. It has no set end time. Now that it’s been announced, and once we have an idea of the quality level of productions, we will work out what will happen with the tracks; be it compilations, joint EPs, singles, or something else…”

Full interview: Thump


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