‘Jiggly thighs of the women’

I found this video on my YouTube search for some nervous foot tapping/ leg shaking footage, under the search phrase “leg jiggling” on. It’s a compilation of very brief moments of inner thigh wobble, often slowed down, zoomed in on and repeated. It’s one video amongst several appreciators, although YouTube user roguetrooper247 would seem to have the most uploads and a dedicated playlist: ‘JIggling,wobbling shaking thighs of women’.

I like the accidental(?) grandeur and alien perspective of this title in particular:

Other video titles include:

another jiggly thigh compilation

Thighs jiggling So sexy!!

Jiggly thighs again.wmv

Jiggling thigh goodness.avi

Shaking Jiggling legs 7!


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