Visitors from “melting fetish” search term…

Thought I’d make a new post after a few more visitors to this blog were summoned here through the incantations “melting fetish”, “melting porn”, “3D melting fetish”.

I initially thought this may be related to increasing interest, video documentation and live demonstrations of 3D printing technologies, then I remembered an incessant poster(s?) on the 4chan /b/ imageboard which pre-dated this by several years. As was the way with /b/ it was hard to tell if a post was being bumped by a lone pornographic melting woman (they were always of women) image collector, or a number of folk.

Luckily (?) a website called MONEY GUNS WED have collected the 4chan images:



Also some Yahoo Answers have emerged related to the topic:

melting fetish 1

melting fetish 2

And as is customary I’ll just leave this video here:




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