Chiswick Park – a Ballardian business park located on the internet at

Some images and screen grabs collected from the Chiswick Park “ website.

See also the Enjoy Work “Film”enjoy work 5“People who enjoy where they work are more productive and loyal. It’s on this undeniable truth that we at Chiswick Park base our “ENJOY WORK” philosophy, which for more than 10 years has been supporting market and world-leading companies”

enjoy work 3 enjoy work 6 enjoy work 7 enjoy work 8Some inhabitants attempting to escape Chiswick Park with helium balloons.enjoy work 1Attempted escapees are shot down with “enjoy work”-branded umbrellas.enjoy work 2Their bodies are collected in Enjoy Work patrol cars.enjoy work 4Sky reflected on an i-pad, the cruel poetry of the “enjoy work” philosophy.enjoy work 9enjoy work 10The beach beneath the street, the sand is mined and used for ENJOY-WORK -branded barricades.enjoy work 12 enjoy work 11


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