Amazon customer reviews for 5-HTP (5-HTTP)

“I take one a day and they have restored me back to being me, with no side effects.
I won’t be with out them.”

” I have been in a ridiculously good mood for the past week and can only put this down to this product. I have absolutely no complaints, and amm thrilled about the effects… Glad I came across this as I was actually looking for something else!!”

“There’s no need to explain yourself to the doctor and you are in control. Offers more privacy.”

“I believe this is something everyone should try if they work in offices or at computers for a large part of the day…”

“I’ve been feeling much more refreshed and ready to take on the day in the morning. I have to wake up very early in the morning for my commute to work.”

“I recently bought these supplements to help me sleep and de stress after a hard days work.”

“Really happy that it actually fitted through my letter box, as I wasn’t in at the time”

“I wanted something to help me recover quicker after heavy weekends and this really works”

“after taking these for a week ,I feel that I can cope with stress from work easier and my sleep at night seems to revive me more.
and the dreams seem way more vivid then without these.
all in all a god product,would definitely recommend this to anyone.”

Link to 5-HTP review page

Link to 5-HTP Wikipedia page


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3 thoughts on “Amazon customer reviews for 5-HTP (5-HTTP)”

  1. nice list of side effects. i’m thinking the bifo neologism “semiocapitalism” ought itself be rebranded “pharmaco-capitalism”… or we could just stick with plain old capitalism. affective consumption to help you in your affective labour; the managed heart wears away its own valves, but its smiling all the way to…[insert fantasy here]

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