Accidental avant-gardism – amateur & “artlebrities”

From Stewart Home’s Facebook

“Accidental avant-gardism… some fat guy films an old TV series dubbed in Spanish off his TV and rather than using a tripod does it hand held with a pretty constant colour reflection of his window in with the black and white…. and then check 1.38 you just got the fat guy in this room with his camera (he should have filmed it nude and it would have been reflectoporn too)! Experimental film making of the highest order if only the guy doing it knew!”

And perhaps in the opposite direction, accidental avant-gardism made by “artlebrities” as DISMagazine refers to celebrity Vine video uploads.

See Tyra Banks’s Vine videos on DISMagazine (WordPress doesn’t seem to like embedding Vine for me). Here’s a screenshot of one:

tyra vine


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