Police Mortality by Anti-Banality

Full review: The New inquiry

“Combing through nearly 200 cop-centric films, the group extracted hundreds of scenes. Many are hilarious out of context, in which police are killed, kill, or otherwise act piggish. Impressively, the clips communicate well enough with one another to form a fairly coherent narrative….

Anti-Banality is not merely hopping on populist anti-police sentiments here, but rather deconstructing our pop-cultural ideas that criticize, but ultimately justify policing. There are the bad apples like Richard Gere in Internal Affairs, the vigilante of Dirty Harry, and cops as the last line of defense of civilization in a city that will “tear itself apart” (Robocop) without them. While the film is witty enough that audiences will likely not be compelled to march with torches to their local precinct, the horror of police violence and its annihilating consequences for social revolution seem to be the filmmaker’s main concerns.”


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