What Digital Future? Symposium – 7th Feb 2012


from: Fireythings:

A Day of Discussion, workshops and presentations.

The last 30 years has seen an increase in our understanding of the shift in society towards the digital age of networked production. The emergence of contemporary subjectivites, such as the ‘digital worker/cognitariat’ as well as generational demarcations such as the ‘digital native’, have received the attention of academics and those with a vested interest in understanding the potentiality of the present. These debates have often been framed inside the radical potential of unending and open knowledge production and its subsequent appropriation into capital.

But what are the material limits of the internet and any projected digital future? Can the internet really be decoupled from consumerism? What environmental factors exist that radically limit the expansion of the internet in real or utopian terms? How do we build a digital culture in the present, outside of the demands of growth and the waste of progress? What role could renewable energies play in the internet’s present or future? What possiblities exist for a ‘free’ internet inside the environmental constraints of the present? What are the psycho/social implications of a life lived on the internet?

Mark Fisher – Author of Capitalist Realism -@kpunk99


Ben Lear – Shift Magazine – @Ben_in_Manc

Bethan Michael, Lecturer in the Education Studies department at the University of Bedfordshire (research interest -the legacy of Postmodern Culture) – @bethan_michael

Cllr Henry Vann, councillor for dep Parys ward in Bedford – @Bedfordvann

Aaron Peters – Resonance Fm and Novara Media – @aaronjohnpeters


The Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London – @portandcheddar http://junge-linke.org/en/bitcoin-finally-fair-money

Federico Campagna – Through Europe Collective – @FedCampagna

Prof. Monica Whitty – Media and Communication Dept, Leicester University

Others TBC.

Date: Thursday 7th February 2013


The Firestation Centre For Arts And Culture,

The Old Court,

St Leonards Rd,




11am – 5 pm

Please register your attendance at:



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