“Silent Hill is itself..the protagonist’s interiority ,a refraction of ..traumas ..through the prism of horror tropes”

"…video games are an interactive form, and because the narrative arc tends to rely on making the player fully identify with the protagonist, a video game’s protagonist cannot have their own robust interior life, which would only get in the way of the player’s identification with them. The most obvious way this is done is with the amnesiac protagonist. This trope is so common precisely because it is such an elegant solution to the demands of video games, which need somehow to have a character who is the center of the story and yet is totally devoid of interiority; the amnesiac that we control is precisely that, an individual with a history that we can discover, but no memory. What Silent Hill did was to acknowledge that the player took up the space of the character’s interiority, but decided that, instead of just dissolving it, their interiority would instead be the creative direction of the whole game. The town of Silent Hill is itself nothing but the protagonist’s interiority, a refraction of their traumas and memories through the prism of horror tropes, and their journey through it an exploration of a non-agentive (as they are still controlled by the player) but nevertheless still completely realized subjectivity…"

Full review: Strange Horizons
Via: Ben Laden


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