Social lucid dream, the gamification of dreaming

"Two people in different parts of the world go to sleep wearing a EEG device like the Zeo, a sleep-monitoring gadget that wraps around the head. The device is modified to send brainwave data to an open-source computer program Oldis has developed, which is connected to the website, …

Each sleeper also has a colored light bulb in their room. This is their “cue.” When the program detects that both people are in REM sleep, meaning they are most likely dreaming, it sends one of them the cue, turning on a red or green bulb in their room. Sometimes they’ll ignore it, or wake up, but sometimes they will incorporate the light into their dream — in the same way you might dream about a loud ambulance siren when your alarm clock has just gone off.

If the first sleeper can remember why the light has suddenly appeared in their dream, they’ll become lucid. Now they can signal back to the “awake” world with a unique physical gesture, such as looking twice to the left.

…Once the Zeo headband captures that unique eye signal, and transmits it via to the second dreamer, it will turn on a colored light where the other dreamer is, to send them a cue too. This essentially means that one person having a lucid dream has “pinged” (or Facebook-style poked) another dreaming person, and hopefully caused them to become lucidly aware of the first person in their dream…"

Full article: Forbes

(Worried someone’s going to fuse this with micro-tasking. …the horror …the horror )


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