Stewart Home on Tina Turner


"Tina’s pop rebirth was necessary to remove any aura of ‘authenticity’ surrounding her more classic recordings, and to confirm her status as a ‘real’ ‘Queen of Trash’. Leaving aside the most immediate issues brought up by gendered power relations in our hierarchical society, one of the things that interests me about the stories surrounding the disintegration of Ike & Tina’s marriage is the way they turn Tina into a puppet, a mouthpiece. Rather than detracting from tracks like "It’s Gonna Work Out Fine" and "Something Came Over Me", this adds to their power. Instead of a conversation, these pieces have been transformed into Ike talking to himself, a kind of ‘anti-communication’. Retrospectively it appears that Ike was ventriloquising Tina, and this almost perfectly illustrates the way commodification turns subjects in objects and vice versa. It might also be taken as indicative of how ventriloquism (and hypnotism for that matter) work; it is the belief of an audience in the phenomena, rather than the ‘power’ of those utilising it, that makes it seem ‘real’."

Full article on "Tina Turner vs Aretha Franklin or Art vs. Trash"


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