Velcro rebranding

More of a background hum, but Velcro have decided to rebrand:

From Velcro site:

"Why we are rebranding?
Simply put, since we launched over half a century ago, customer demand has seen us expand our product selection to more than just hook and loop. Today, we offer complete finished products or sub-assembly components, such as medical aids, diaper closure systems and car seat sub-assemblies to facilitate the growing needs of our customers. With such a diverse range of products and customers all across the world, it was felt that we should have one, succinct and recognisable brand that further strengthens our brand and product offering throughout our many markets.

Plus, having reached the 50 year landmark, and in a move to facilitate global consistency, the decision was made to refresh the brand and introduce one, individual logo to be used across both consumer and business-to-business units globally. Prior to the rebrand several variations of the brand were utilised across international regions; these will now make way for the new corporate identity generating true global alignment."


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