“Exploding head syndrome”

"The exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a rare,generally nocturnal event and was first described in 1920 by Armstrong-Jones as a ‘snapping of the brain’ (1). The term EHS was coined by Pearce (2)in 1989 when he described 50 patients with this disorder. Patients generally complain of a sensation of sudden explosive noise in the head (not really aheadache) usually while going off to sleep, which wakes them up from sleep. The sensation lasts for a few seconds only and disappears completely when awake, although it may recur on further attempts at sleeping. The noise had been variously described as a ‘loud bang’, ‘shot-gun’ or ‘bomb-like explosion’ and 10% have reported a simultaneousflash of light (2). Although there is no actual head-ache, the syndrome is often so terrifying that sufferers cannot be certain about the benign nature ofthe problem and concern may be raised that a subarachnoid haemorrhage may have occurred…"

Link to full article: scribd
Via: Mindhacks

I wonder if this would have any similarities with the "tingling" sensations associated with ASMR…?


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