A Broadcast to the Trees


From Frenchbloke‘s Tumblr:

“I’m being let loose for 24 hours with a(legal) FM Transmitter for this:http://www.thedarkoutside.com/index.php/radio-transmissions/

I’m asking people nicely if they have any unheard / unreleased music that they would like broadcast to a forest where possibly nobody will hear it, apart from the trees. Or Deer. Not sure about the goats.

The broadcast to the forest will be around October 6th.

I know it’s very short notice but anything at all, regardless of length will be broadcast to a radius of 10-15 miles in the Galloway Forest. There will be no archiving or streaming and not a hope of it turning up on-line ( unless some madman brings a radio tape recorder to a forest ) Any length 5 seconds – half an hour will be gratefully received, transmitted and deleted…

If you aren’t musically inclined but still want to participate, please send us a recording of yourself reading out numbers a la Number Stations. Random numbers, Numbers that mean something to you, anything at all.

What started as me being asked to compose something commemorating the Voyager Space Probes has somehow ended up with me in charge of a transmitter for a day.

So far I’ve put together a 30 minute piece of music with one track from the Voyager golden Record as it’s source and added 100 odd ham radio recordings and vlf recordings, The Shuttle missions, Apollo, The ISS, Sputnik, Soyuz and all manner of blips, crackles and static.

Also managed to get tweets sent to a specific twitter account name converted to morse code to be broadcast as they come in. (open to all manner of exploitation, I know) – test footage can be seen here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2713103/morse_test.swf
The broadcasts on the Dark Outside will be running parallel with The Wigtown (where I live) Book Festival, which has a theme of Dark Skies this year.

6th October 12 Noon onward – A712 – any of the laybys and carparks near to Murray’s Monument
Update : Frequencies are in.
You will be listening to The Dark. Outside. 87.7MHz FM”

Orphee in a Scottish layby?

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