‘Universal Jobmatch’ / ‘Universal Credit’ –


“By late Autumn the Government’s Department of Work and Pensions plans to introduce a new Universal Jobmatch website for anyone seeking a job. The US company commissioned to deliver this service is Monster Worldwide, an online recruitment and technology service company infamous for numerous major personal data losses through hacking, including the US equivalent of Universal Jobmatch, usajobs.gov.

Millions of part-time workers and unemployed receiving welfare benefits will be mandated to register, thereby bypassing all semblance of consent[i], letting Jobcentre staff and external contractors have full access to all of their user activities, including reading correspondence with employers, viewing full content of CV’s, pending and submitted job applications, jobsearches done and saved, feedback from employers, interviews offered and personal profiles. Jobcentre staff will also be able to attach job vacancy details to a user’s account, which they must apply for….


…”…we propose that claimants are expected to have spent 35 hours a week…looking or preparing for work.” (Link to The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 2012)…”

Full article: ORG Zine


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