eno moebius roedelius – belldog – LP: after the heat (1978)

[a dataenterer whistles the tune of…]

Most of the day
We were at the machinery
In the dark sheds
That the seasons ignore

I held the levers
That guided the signals to the radio
But the words I receive
Random code, broken fragments from before

Out in the trees
My reason deserting me
All the dark stars
Cluster over the bay

Then in a certain moment I lose control
And at last I am part of the machinery
(Where are you?)
And the light disappears
As the world makes its circle through the sky


From YouTube description:

“I was walking through Washington Square Park, towards the “Arc de Triomphe” style monument there. There was a little group of people under the arch, and the full moon stood low on the horizon, visible through the top of the arch. As I got closer I saw what it was that had attracted their attention. A very grubby man of indeterminate age was playing an out-of-tune upright piano on wheels: his touch was that of a plummy night club pianist, but the chords he used were completely strange. Over this sequence of soft discords he sang, again and again, in a trembling voice: “The belldog, where are you?” I have no idea what he meant by the belldog. For me it was (and is) an unidentified mythical character from some unfamiliar mythology…So the vague feeling I have about the belldog is that he is a herald; of what is not clear. Whatever it is, in the song he has either not yet appeared or has gone away…”

– Brian Eno in More Dark than Shark, quoted by Craig Clark


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