Trim over Harmonic 313’s – Köln: “You Can Never”

from YouTube’s speech-to-text…

favourite bit:

Devereux remained having me
Homosexuals his lawyers
Already geopolitical stability
Recordings columnists threatening colonists
There’s someone else
One is that while I was has been monitoring for co-dependency trading
Founded yahoo com undiluted Kathleen
He’s home
He’s me
No no
Case may not
Can ever erase it
Deposit right
The remember make means
A greatly had also
Wrangling offices impressions yahoo traditional international determined
Rehabilitation heathrow
Journalists sweeps hall of how he
Visible globs of cheese wrapped around cheese we
Impeded argues that we hahaha
The on a mission
Health officials few cashmere Oklahoma
So candidate really have a racing
Dubai handled
Union and make me
Means here
Got raped me


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