Residency on volcanic island


“that’s contemporary, a Milan-based contemporary art network, are producing a residency on the volcanic island of Lipari, Sicily. The project runs in association with neighbouring Volcano Extravaganza curated by Nick Mauss and Milovan Farronato.

Lipari will welcome… or perhaps reject – come to think of it – our imagined community from the 12-24 August 2012. First to join IO TE EL IL MARE will be Alterazioni Video through a daily online presence between Lipari and their base in New York. We will be making a new scavanged film, the Turbo Movie, by passing rules (to be broken), footage and the days experience between one another virtually over the sea. This shoe-string approach to movie-making will require collaborators to to beg, borrow (and maybe steal!) from their surroundings on the island.

IO TE E IL MARE is looking for a filmmaker/moving image artist to join the residency to help in the production of this work and to be open to collaborating on the residency as a whole.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Link to artsjobs posting

Email contact for residency

(I could be tempted if I were a real person)

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