Shell’s ad contest gets trolled (?)

(EDIT: “Shell’s Let’s Go campaign deliberate hoax by Greenpeace” thanks to Imperica for the info)

Can’t tell if this is a spoof website or if Shell have accidentally let this go unmoderated (or Shell allowing a bit of humanising self-deprecation via social media a deliberate-accidental social media-slip…?)

From the apparently Shell-owned site Arcticready:

“Today, we want to take the Arctic Ready message offline, directly to the drivers who benefit from Shell’s performance fuels. That’s why we’re launching a new campaign (deadline this Thursday!), from which the best ads will be printed and posted in strategic locations worldwide. With your help, we at Shell can tell the world how pumped we are about Arctic energy, and take the Arctic Ready message to Arctic-enthused drivers everywhere.”

And continues with the bizarre strapline
“Because tomorrow is yesterday, accelerated.”

So hard to tell.

Apparently their ad generator has gone offline:

via: @shorerobert


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