John Peel Grime Session – DJ Eastwood, MC Purple, G double, ie and iq [2004]

”  ‘I’m not very happy with the name ‘grime‘, but that’s what a lot of people seem to be calling it.” The word may have grated on the late John Peel‘s ears back in May 2004, when he showcased it on his Radio 1 show, but the music certainly didn’t. Glacial melodies, beats made on PlayStations and lyrics giving voice to the voiceless, delivered in a style so uniquely British that it barely even acknowledges the existence of American hip-hop: it’s not hard to see why the legendary DJ would be a fan.

As with Peel’s other great passion, punk, a noxious-sounding genre name belies an attitude of fearless innovation. No one doing anything in rock music pretends to be creating anything new any more; the best most bands hope to achieve is a slight re-whittling of the same old wooden guitar tropes…”

Read full article: Dan Hancox’s article on “Grime’s DIY Ethics”


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